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Take a look at this month's articles provided by Island Parent Magazine. Each month you'll find new articles with topics on parenting your children of any age. Written largely by local authors, these articles provide some great perspectives related to parenting, both on and off the island.

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Stray Valentine Stray Valentine
On the 14th of this month our children will prepare Valentine’s cards for every one of their classmates—these days teachers email the roll call so no one is left out. I hate to imagine a child with one Valentine only...
posted: Jan 27, 2016  |  views: 40  |  comments: 0
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The Start of a New Social Life The Start of a New Social Life
Whether you’re new to the Island or new to parenting, it’s likely you want to broaden or change your social circle. Don’t feel bad about this! You may have had tons of friends with kids in Germany, Ontario, Fort...
posted: Jan 27, 2016  |  views: 66  |  comments: 0
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Restoring the Parent-Child Relationship Restoring the Parent-Child Relationship
“Please don’t yell,” my son implored, looking up at me as my voice began to rise in irritation over the issue at hand. I stopped, grateful for his reminder. I took a breath and re-centered myself, now better able t...
posted: Jan 27, 2016  |  views: 29  |  comments: 0
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Eating Lower On the Food Chain Eating Lower On the Food Chain
Six years ago, and with varying degrees of enthusiasm, my husband, three teenage daughters, two toddlers and I agreed to go meat-free for 30 days as a way to shrink our carbon footprint. We didn’t quite last the month,...
posted: Jan 27, 2016  |  views: 50  |  comments: 0
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Boisterous Silence: The wordless picture book Boisterous Silence: The wordless picture book
This year’s Governor General’s Literary Award for Children’s Illustrated Book went to the graceful, nostalgic Sidewalk Flowers (House of Anansi Press, 2015), written by poet JonArno Lawson and illustrated by Sydney...
posted: Jan 4, 2016  |  views: 128  |  comments: 0
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Re-think Your Resolutions Re-think Your Resolutions
The New Year is here. You’ve likely set one of those crazy ‘get fit after baby’ resolutions. Don’t deny it. But don’t do it. That is, don’t set the unrealistic resolution. Getting in shape after havi...
posted: Jan 4, 2016  |  views: 124  |  comments: 0
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Arts & Athletics Smackdown Arts & Athletics Smackdown
I have a treasured video of my older son. He’s two and a half years old and is reaching over a full-sized guitar. His chubby little fingers start to strum, and he belts out “Twinkle, Twinkle.” When the song ends he...
posted: Jan 4, 2016  |  views: 142  |  comments: 0
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Confronting Entitlement Confronting Entitlement
The Paris Climate Change Conference will be old news by the time you read this column, but as I type, it’s just getting underway. I don’t yet know if the participating nations—our own included—will be able to agr...
posted: Jan 4, 2016  |  views: 92  |  comments: 0
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Anticipating Advent Anticipating Advent
When our twins were only a few months old, a package arrived in the mail with a wondrous Christmas gift. It was a gorgeous advent calendar, an evergreen tree on a red felt background, crafted by my mother in Manitoba. Be...
posted: Dec 3, 2015  |  views: 225  |  comments: 0
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Going It Alone… Together Going It Alone… Together
Every weekend for the past five months, my ex-husband, who now lives and works in Vancouver, comes to Victoria to be with our two boys. He takes them to their rugby and soccer games, he shops for school clothes and sport...
posted: Dec 3, 2015  |  views: 187  |  comments: 0
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