Pellets… YUM!

by Our Little Pickle on January 5, 2010 · 1 comment

When I was pregnant with Everly I had grand visions about how a lot of things in her life were going to look. I pictured her nursery, I pictured her wardrobe, I pictured her nestled in bed with us and I pictured myself making all of her food. I was going to make everything home and all of the food would be organic, after all, if Nicole Ritchie could do it, why couldn’t I. Fast forward to seven months later…. her nursery is just as I pictured it to be, her wardrobe is enviable, she is making the transition out of our bed because we can’t sleep and I do not make all her food and it is not all organic.

When we started Everly on solid food we started pretty much the same way that most babies do- rice cereal. She made faces like we were giving her shots of tequila, complete with the body shaking aftershocks. The rice cereal lasted 2 or 3 feedings and then she became very tight lipped, so tight lipped in fact that she would not even open her mouth to laugh or smile while someone was holding a spoon; it became very clear that she would not eat any more of the rice cereal. Someone suggested oat cereal as it has more flavour and as a breastfed baby Everly would be used to more flavour so maybe she would like the oat cereal more. The oat cereal lasted about a week and again the tight lips. Someone else suggested mixing puree in with the oat cereal… this lasted about a month with us trying different fruits and veggies to make it exciting. And then one day she stopped, she went on a food strike.

One day, around the time of the food strike, I was eating a bowl of Cheerios while Everly was playing on the floor. She became very interested in my Cheerios so I thought why not, she’s 7 months old and they turn to mush almost right away. And viola, we had a winner, she loved the Cheerio from the moment it went in her mouth. I should have known, all kids do! You could see her tongue dancing inside her mouth, back and forth, back and forth. When she started signing for more a few weeks ago, it was because she wanted more Cheerios, the girl was hooked. This began my quest for infant pellet shaped food in an effort continue with the solid foods. I found all kinds and so many flavours; puffs, o’s, stars, rice cakes, freeze dried fruit- it all comes in pellet form and Everly loved it all, so we fed it to her. If you had told me that I was going to feed my baby this processed-type food I would have sworn up and down that you were a few albums short of the collection, but here we are.

As cute as an infant Cheerio/pellet food addiction is, and as convenient as it is, I knew that we had to broaden her food horizons and that we could not depend on Cheerios/puffs to get enough iron and other nutrients into her little body (even if some of the O’s were Nutrios). I noticed that feeding her off of my plate seemed to go well the few times I had tried it, so I though why not go with baby led weaning? This way Everly is exposed to all kinds of food and she will get to feed herself (probably the real reason behind why she likes pellet shaped foods). So, baby led weaning it was. I began to let her eat what I was eating, even out at restaurants (as long as it was healthy food of course!- no nachos for baby just yet, lol). I have gotten sideways glances and even the occasional, you let her eat that? Well yes, why wouldn’t I? Who says that babies have to eat jarred baby food, after all, what did they do before companies made jarred baby food??? Oh that’s right, they fed them tiny, little bits of food from what they were eating, hmmm? Interesting idea. What’s funny to me is that this ‘old fashioned’ way of doing things is now on the rise again and it is considered forward thinking, I love humans, we are so interesting.

We are about 1 month into this new way of feeding and we have a happy baby and a happy famliy. Sure she takes 30 minutes to eat a meal and it is beyyyyond messy because I am not spooning it into her mouth, but it will pay off in the end! When she is 12 – 18 months and all of the other babies are starting food that she eats now, she will be ahead of the curve and a confident self feeder!

This would be handy!

This would be handy!

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