Addiction to Stuff

by Mommy Cooks on February 15, 2010 · 0 comments

A little something has been nagging away at my psyche lately.  In the past I have paid some attention to this passing thought but lately it is in the forefront for some reason.  “Why do I want things, in essence stuff, is it because it will truly enrich my life in some way or is it because others will see that I have it.” 

 Our society is so focused on stuff… For some it’s having just the right brand and others accumulating stuff is for the sake of volume, throwing it out when it becomes old and getting more.

 So why are we all like drones in this society purchasing to pump up our tail feathers rather than making purchases that actual improve or enrich our quality of life or others on this planet??? 

 In my ponderings I could think of a positive example this need has created.  Shopping bags, an unexciting item but even they have baggage.  I am very much in my habit of packing a reusable bag but I can’t help but wonder if it were not the norm in society, would I still do it? I hope so.  The movement of using reusable bags has come full circle to the point where I am embarrassed to use a plastic bag.  I think others may feel the same way and thankfully this is leading to a reduction in bags produced and thrown away.

 I hope there are many other positive outcomes, but I also hope my awareness leads me to making more thoughtful purchases in the future.

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