Ignorance can be Bliss!

by Into the Rabbit Hole on February 22, 2010 · 0 comments

So far I have been feeling pretty great this pregnancy. With 6 weeks to go I have been getting excited to meet our new little addition to our family. Well that is until last week when I attended a labour support class. It is funny how after birth we slowly forget the intensity of the birthing process. We remember the empowering thrill of birthing and the joy or astonishment to see this little life and to hold this new life in our arms. Yes we remember it was hard work and it hurt but with a vagueness. Let me tell you all that vagueness got intensely claraified at the labour support class. Clarified with vengence. Flashes of the exhaustion, the overwhelming feeling, the work, the pain all came rushing in. Why did I do this to myself again. I went through it 4 times think I would have learned my lesson! How could I have fogotten about this? Don’t get me wrong, I had wonderful birth experiences, all at home and all beautiful. Deep down I know this intensity is so short lived and that I can handle it but now I can’t help to focus on those few short moments in the labour process that completely overwhelm me (aka transition!). It is giving me such grief and worry. I am actually not looking forward to going into labour … which is crazy as most of it is actually a very rewarding, empowering exeprience. Scotty can’t you just beam this baby out?! If only I could get some memory dust and ‘forget’ the feelings, the pain. I could then embrace labour and keep present and just go with the flow (which is the best for the process and to speed it along). Instead I am going to be thinking too much on what is ahead and when is it coming and how am I going to handle it. Fear is embracing me. I never thought this would happen to me! As I have said, I have been there and I have done that and very well I might add.

Well at least I have a few weeks to work out my issues. Relaxtion, meditation, visulization, tapping, just staying present and in the Now are all tools I know I have within me and just need to engulf myself into these practices. Positive thought!!! To all those first time moms, birthing is really a joyous experience and the moments I am talking about really truly are short lived. There really is no need for fear…enjoy your ignorance as it truly is bliss.

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