Giving Them the Gift of Childhood

by Kimberley on March 30, 2010 · 3 comments

We took the boys swimming the other day and I have to say it was not a fun time. Things were just off from the start. The baby was fussy and my 3YO was jumping all over me and I could feel myself getting more and more annoyed. We weren’t even there for an hour before I pulled the plug on our family swim and gave my husband the: let’s get the hell out of here look.

We shuffled off to the family change room to begin the huge ordeal of getting everyone showered and dressed. If you have kids under the age of five you know what a nightmare getting dressed after swimming is. My 3YO has a hard time grasping the concept of wet floors; it still amazes me that he can’t figure out that dry socks and wet floors do not mix. One would think that he would remember and stay on the towel like I asked him to but then again that would be way too easy.

That damn change room was so hot, the baby was crying, my 3YO was begging for more snacks and I looked at my husband and I said: I have to get out of here or I swear I am going to have an anxiety attack  – just as a little aside I have to admit I don’t do well in high heat, this is why I have avoided hot yoga thus far.

As we piled out of the change room I wondered to myself why we even bother trying to do stuff like this when half the time we have a totally miserable time? Then, I got into the normal temperature foyer, the baby settled and my 3YO got his much coveted snacks and I calmed down and realized it wasn’t really that bad. My 3YO looked at me and asked if we would swim again soon to which I answered yes, that we would go again very soon.

Sometimes I just need a moment and a little fresh air to remind me why we do everything we do. I know that one day my boys will look back and remember all the trips to the pool, all the play-dates,  all the park adventures and all the birthday parties. They won’t remember the hot change rooms, the wet socks or the tantrums. They will only remember the freedom of childhood and their mom and dad sharing it with them.

I suppose that makes it all worth it… yeah it definitely does.

Wrote this to 4 new songs on my Running Playlist that I can’t get enough of today:

Rude Boy – Rhianna

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum

Feel it in My Bones – Tiesto Ft. Tegan and Sara

Whatta Night – Ricky J

Sometimes I am such a sucker for Pop Music.

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KellyP March 30, 2010 at 3:26 pm

I remember snap shots of different activities my mum took me on, but you are right, I don’t remember the wet socks, stuffy change rooms, etc (and I’m sure there were lots of them).

Way to keep in mind the view your kids have – I hope I can manage that too!!

Julie March 31, 2010 at 9:30 pm

Great post! All the fuss to get out and do an activity as a family is worth it.. and the getting ready part is forgotten!

Konul April 17, 2010 at 3:06 pm

I agree, as hectic as things do get, it’s the good moments that we and the kids will remember!

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