Am I the Only One Who is Bitter?

by Kimberley on May 2, 2010 · 4 comments

There has been something on my mind lately and I have not blogged about it because I know it is a subject that tends to be rather polarized and it can spark debate. I hate to see huge arguments erupt but I am all for discussion and different points of view so, I thought I would throw my opinion out there and see what everyone else thoight about the matter.

I was not a supporter of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games from the beginning. I was pissed that Vancouver was the only place allowed to cast a vote because I felt that the entire province should have been able to weigh in on the decision. I griped about it for years before the games came and as the opening ceremonies came closer and closer and the economy got worse and worse, I worried more and more about the implications of spending billions of dollars on a sporting event.

Then the Olympics came and there is no doubt there was a fever that swept across Canada. It was exciting and I doubt their were many Canadians that were not proud to say that we were hosting an amazing Olympic games in a beautiful city in an amazing country. Our family did not head over the Vancouver but we did watch many of the events on TV and I know we will all remember the Men’s and Women’s gold medal hockey games forever.

But, now the games have been over for about two months and I have to say I am feeling pretty bitter and angry as I watch what is happening in our province right now. The biggest thing I am concerned about are the huge short falls in the school district budgets. My children are not at school age yet but I am really concerned about the future of the public school system.

I believe in the public school system and it bothers me that so many parents are having to look to private schools because they are concerned about the quality of education their children will receive in the public schools. I have two teachers in my family and the stories they tell me about what they have to deal with on a daily basis is appalling.

To me it doesn’t matter how you look at it… what we have essentially done is have a huge party at the expense of everything else. It would be like a family having a huge birthday party and then not having enough money to pay for their groceries and mortgage. I am not saying that sport and international competition are not important, but I feel like we have made a huge mistake that we will be paying off for years on the backs of our children’s futures and I am so ashamed and bitter and angry.

Am I the only one? If you have another opinion please share as I would love to hear it.

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Alison May 2, 2010 at 2:13 pm

I see your point of view but Im still on the fence… I can see both sides of this. For my family on the EAST coast – cost of living is different, the majority of kids go to public school/ private is not the norm. I dont know that they (the other provinces) were really impacted the way we in BC have been/are, so for us out here it probably hits a lot harder because we see more directly the implications of the high cost of living and when something is cut because (educational or otherwise…) here and we are hit hardest b/c we chose to throw ‘ a big party’. I have to say I noticed in 2006 (when I moved from London Ontario) differences in the healthcare and have since turned down numerous persons who could not afford hearing healthcare. BC didnt have and still doesnt have services in place to help. The majority of people out here I know have children in private schools… and the entire lifestyle is very different then that of our Eastern counterparts. I suppose I think its more difficult to accept since a lot of us struggle for the cost of living here to have this huge elaborate party in our backyard (the olympics)… but I think we pay to live in – what I believe is – is the most beautiful part of Canada. Something tells me we may have felt very different about them if they were held in Toronto… and then it would have been Torontonians complaining…

KellyP May 2, 2010 at 5:16 pm

To keep it short – our family was not a fan of the Olympics being here. In fact, we didn’t watch an Olympic event until we were visiting the States (sad, I know). We did watch the Gold Medal games for hockey, but would have regardless of the country it was hosted in. For us, there are far better ways that money could have been spent and I do cringe at how long (and how many of) my tax dollars will be paying for that big party (I agree with your comparisons).

Amber May 3, 2010 at 9:14 am

I agree with you 100% everyone kept saying all the cuts would be worth it because of all the money that the Olympics would bring in however you won’t see that money going back into the social programs it was taken out of. There are almost no programs for parents in need of help, or parents trying to go back to school. They took money out of the wrong places maybe they should of taken it out of the wages of the parliament fat cats.

Kara A May 6, 2010 at 9:54 am

We couldn’t afford it, still can’t, and it was not a good plan. We’ll be paying for it for SO lonnnnnng. I think countries should prove they can afford it, not based on speculation.

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