Dreading the Snail Mail

by Kimberley on May 13, 2010 · 0 comments

Remember the days when getting snail mail was fun???

I can’t decide if the change came when I grew up and therefore, the contents of my snail mail changed in correlation with my increased responsibilities, or if what came by snail mail really did change. I think it may have been a little of both.

Gone are the days of pen-pals and hand written letters and these days, I think the only person who sends me cards regularly is my 85-year-old grandmother.

The sad truth is only two things come to me by snail mail: junk mail and bills and today was no different except that the bill I got was a big bill.

Dun dun dun… it was my property taxes.

I have never complained about my property taxes before. I have been a homeowner for a decade now, and property tax time has always been a fact of life, a time of the year that comes and goes and never really sticks out. But this year, I feel a little annoyed because my taxes are really high… higher than I thought they would be and it’s kind of pissing me off.

I live in the City of Victoria and I love my city but it certainly is not perfect. I don’t mean to be all: oh the grass is greener on the other side but I have to, a little, just for comparison. In Oak Bay they pay higher taxes but they have way better stuff like curbside composting, a more comprehensive recycling program, a works yard they can drop stuff off at anytime and a police department that actually comes when you call them.

Last year someone shot at our window with something very high powered like a modified BB gun or a real gun… it was horrifying. It shattered our double-pane, lamented glass window and was so loud my Brother’s first instinct was to hit the living room floor (I am sure he was glad he came to dinner that night).

The worst part was the shot was aimed right at my Husband’s head, he was sitting in the window at the time holding my then 2-year-old. When my hubby called the Victoria Police, they refused to come because apparently they don’t come out when something shatters your window.

WTH right?

The next day I called the news and they came and did a story on the whole event. Later, they asked the Victoria Police (on camera) why they did not come and the best excuse they could come up with was that the man who phoned (my husband) was very calm and did not indicate that he had seen a weapon.

Be sure to note that Victoria residents: if your home is shot at, be hysterical when you call the Police or they ain’t coming.

Anyway, I know I am griping but seriously, I don’t mind paying high taxes if I feel it is worth it. I’m not in Government, I am just a mother of two (soon to be three) that thinks that we are taxed more and more for what feels like less and less. I’m all for sewage treatment, in fact we should have had that before we had a new arena, but do we need a totally new Johnson Street bridge?? We seriously can’t repair the current bridge??

I can only imagine what my property taxes will be in five years time. Why is it that lately I feel more and more like I am closer to poor than I am middle class?


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