Oh Yeah… I am a Mother!

by Kimberley on May 6, 2010 · 4 comments

Tulip Hands for Mother's Day

Today I picked up my 3-year-old from preschool and he had a special gift for me. The teacher informed me it was a Mother’s Day gift that each child had worked very hard on. My little guy was very excited to give it to me and when I asked him if I should wait to open it until Mother’s Day he answered me with a very emphatic NO!!

As soon as we got home he was bouncing with so much excitement over the gift that he almost tore into it himself. I am not sure where he got the strength to stop himself from ripping off that flowery tissue paper, but he did.

As I opened it, I could see the pride all over his face. He explained to me how he made the flowers with his hands and the stem with his arm. I turned the card over and I read the little verse which said:

This isn’t just a tulip as you can plainly see

I made it with my hands, which are a part of me

It comes with lots of love especially to say,

I hope you have a very special Mother’s Day

I will admit, in that moment I felt a little teary eyed. It wasn’t so much the writing on the card or even the beautiful tulip hand prints, it was more that it reminded me of when I was a child and I made some version of a hand print gift for my own mother. I remember how proud I was of that gift; how I had worked on it for several days during art time.I remember the love I felt for my mother and how she was the most important person in the whole world to me back then.

It suddenly struck me… I am a mother now and how I felt for my mom then is how my little boys feel about me now. That was the thought that brought the tears to my eyes. Just the recognition of the pure and true love my children carry for me and I think that knowledge is the best Mother’s Day gift I could ever get.

Happy Mother’s Day Mamas of the world. Don’t ever forget how important you are to your little ones. Relish in the pure and unconditional love your child offers because that is the true gift.

I have to say, I am loving this artwork much more than the lovely little piece he banged out for me on Halloween.

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Monica May 6, 2010 at 4:27 pm

Oh my goodness, that really made me tear-up. That card is just beyond perfect and beautiful.

cheryl May 6, 2010 at 5:04 pm

That is super sweet, I can so see him beaming with pride.

KellyP May 7, 2010 at 7:05 am

That is fantastic! I love the art, and yes, it is much better than the halloween art…
Your story brought tears to my eyes, perhaps because I’m thinking of how in a few years I’ll have my own little guy or gal who can make art and that’s just crazy…

Mischa Simpson May 8, 2010 at 3:47 pm

I am doing daycare for a mom who just returned to work. We did a Mothers day craft for her and I really hope she appreciates it as much as you did. I still remember the ashtray I made for my mom in preschool – the funny thing is she has never in her life smoked lol. But almost 30 years later she still has it- thats love.

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