by Ma Thoughts on June 23, 2010 · 0 comments

It just sort of happened. It was not intentional or conscious.  I wasn’t trying to be witty or cute.

I am talking about nicknames. I now have one for my son. What is it?

‘Boeuf,’ which is French for beef.

I don’t know.

I have been calling him ‘Boeuf’ for a few weeks now and I had not really noticed. It really suits him and it does not seem to be going anywhere, like the other more fickle names that have dallied across my tongue like “Noodle” “Boo” “Little littles.”

Nicknames either need to evolve naturally and/or really suit the individual in order to stick. Furthermore, it is hard to dismantle a nickname that has surfaced, seemingly, of its own accord; like Boeuf.

A girlfriend of mine’s baby nickname was ‘Fatty.’ Picture a new parent cooing that with love and affection and warmth. It works. It is sweet when the little infant is a little infant. Time went on, she learned to talk and understand that ‘Fatty’ really was not a nickname that she wanted for keeps. And then it was consciously and adamantly swapped for ‘Sapphire.’ But ‘Fatty’ never goes away. Nicknames that stuck still stick. You just aren’t really allowed or supposed to use them; except when you want to blackmail, taunt or embarrass.

So, back to my little ‘Gateau de Boeuf.’ Knowing what happened to poor ‘Fatty,’ what am I doing? Setting up my little man to feel slighted? Surely not! I coo “Boeuf” with such love and affection and warmth that it works. Right?

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