Terrible Two’s or Terrific Two’s?? I say Terrorific!

by Into the Rabbit Hole on June 1, 2010 · 0 comments

So life with my littlest guy is going so well.   He has fit so nicely into our family with ease and very little transition. He is so content and peaceful … thanks life … I think!?!

My last 2 boys were just as easy going, sleeping through the night early on, happy, cooing … easy. But then came 18 months and then came 2! It hit with vengeance! It was just like one day they woke up from their peaceful disposition and had lots of lost time to make up for.  Still so sweet … yet hell on wheels!

I had been through the two’s before and although of course challenging, I still had referred to that time as terrific. A time for independence, a time for curiosity, growth and learning and a time to still be little. For my first 2 I loved this age. Then came the third. When he was born he was such an easy baby. I had figured it must just be because I have this parenting thing down pact (Nope!! He showed me!) He then turned two and watch out! My little peaceful boy had become a bit of a terror. Challenging everything, no fear, quite aggressive, uncooperative and definitely bull headed.  Typically 2!  Luckily the 2’s do pass and reason and rationality surface.

Now I have my fourth guy hitting the 2’s head on and full out. My sweet terror is what he is becoming known as around here. Maybe it is due to a large family, maybe it’s my parenting (I have to throw some mommy guilt into the equation) or maybe it is just his time to explore and he is an adamant adventurer true to the core.  He keeps life interesting is all I have to say…we are definitely kept on our toes! But it is a beautiful sight to watch the two year old mind at work trying to piece their world together and get it figured out.

So are the two’s terrible?… no way!   Are they terrific?  Well not quite always… I say they are terrific with a little terror thrown in … they are terrorific! And while my little terror indulges himself, I glance at my smiling, peaceful, sleeping baby, bracing myself…

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