Life really does know best!

by Into the Rabbit Hole on September 27, 2010 · 0 comments

So fall is in full force!

Getting classes together for the kids, routines, schedules, errands, appointments, Go Go GO! I do love it though. You feel so accomplished as you check and check more off your seemingly never ending to do list. I feel so great when I can balance so much…like wow look at me!

But then….. A very unscheduled cold hit the whole family! No but what about my to do’s, the kids classes, the routines that are almost established, the appointments….We were just getting into the groove…and now..down for the count. And not to mention we all became sick on my sons birthday (and of course it is the son that longs for his birthday all year long and counts it down, and has the whole thing planned out in his head with decorations, food and invites for months ahead of time!).  And it is raining out!

So here we all are housebound, held hostage by our colds and the rain. Birthday party canceled, classes and appointments canceled and the list is growing longer. I surrender!

Deep breath….Inhale…Exhale…Stretch. Ahhhh. Let’s make the most of this birthday.

We all bring our blankets to the living room floor, we pull out a pile of books and we read, we read some more.  We laugh, we talk, we reminisce.  The photo books all come out.  We laugh and talk some more about our great adventures. We talk about all the special stories of each of the boys.   I tell them each about their birth and my thoughts and feelings and my tears of joy.  We massage eachothers feet and scratch each others backs.  We pass some more tissues around for the runny noses and get some more smoothies and ice pops. We talk about life and our thoughts of the universe. We talk about what we would change about the world and why and even how we can start.

Hours pass by with us all curled up talking and cuddling, me and my 5 boys. A moment this day was created, a moment that will last a lifetime in my minds eye.

This moment brings me tears of joy and connection and fills me with such warmth and brightness on this cold, wet and dreary day. Thanks Life!

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