Letting Go

by Into the Rabbit Hole on March 7, 2011 · 0 comments

As mothers we spend so much of our time and efforts on creating the ideal life for our children. We eat healthy while babe is in utero so they can get the best chance at life.  We read through book after book so we can be the best parent we can be and respond ‘properly’ in any given situation.   We rearrange our households for exploring wee ones.  We walk our days sleep deprived with little jam handprints to decorate our shirt sleeves. We expose them to music and the arts from young ages.  We befriend their friends parents so they can have positive social interactions. We shower them with all the rainbows of life.  We create opportunities of success so they can gain confidence. We surround them with love and acceptance.  And we give them space to grow.

But what happens when right before your eyes you see them facing things they just shouldn’t face?  What happens when their life gets thrown for a loop and you can not do anything about it?  What happens when they come for you to help and you can’t fix it?

This is when it hits … it really is their own life.

Life happens and whatever challenge they face right now, that challenge is growing them.  They are becoming.  They are making their life and choosing their path.  We mothers do still have a role.  We still have love to give and acceptance to offer.  But most importantly in these times our best gift we can give to our children is to see them as able.  See them fully capable, on their own path, with all their ability to achieve their greatness.  It is their life to live.  They have all the tools and skill within them that will guide them through their experience.  It is their opportunity to face life, face themselves, expand and shine.

From the words of Kahlil Gibran:  ‘Your children are not your children.  They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.  They come through you but not from you.’

We so want the best for our children and to create that ideal world…but what if in creating that ideal world they miss out on the challenges that will grow them to their own prefect greatness.

So here I will sit. Gritting my teeth with love.  Wishing I could just jump in and fix it.  But knowing that it is not mine to fix.  And truthfully, if I look deep enough, knowing that it doesn’t really need any fixing at all.  Life does kind of have a way of working out just perfectly.

(Note: while sleep deprived with jam prints I did have a smile in my heart and still cherish those moments.)

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