Choosing a Location for Family Photos

by Bibb Photography on August 22, 2013 · 2 comments

So you’ve decided that it’s time to update the family photos. You’ve done your research and you have narrowed down the perfect photographer for your family, your style, and your budget. Now you need to decide on location. What’s the big deal with location, you might ask? Well, as in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location! After all, the artwork which will be displayed on the walls of your home will not only include the ones you love, but there will also be some sort of backdrop which will set the tone of your photos, and will also greatly impact the mood of your photo shoot. So what are the options, you might ask?

Studio: You may find yourself drawn to a style of photography that begins and ends in the confines of four walls. In fact, if you want your photos to have a controlled atmosphere or feel to them, (think newborn photography), you are probably going to be drawn to a studio. If you are wanting photos that involve props, studio photographers usually have a stockpile of fabulous items, and can highlight any theme that you can imagine. Studio photography is also great if you are concerned about weather, dirt, or distraction. The downside: studio photographs are usually very posed, and don’t leave a lot of room for spontaneity.

In-home: If you are considering photography that captures who you are, where better to have your family photographs taken than in your own home? Children and adults alike are normally at their most relaxed when they are totally at ease with their surroundings. In-home photography allows you to be, well, you! That special teddy bear that your daughter loves to snuggle with? That reading corner that your little boy can spend hours in? Your family pet? They are all now a part of your family photo shoot. Your newborn baby doesn’t have to be driven to a studio, and new moms can just relax, with nothing to pack. When the photo shoot is at your home, you have the ability to really showcase your life as it is really lived. The downside: in-home photo sessions may not work for you if you don’t feel that your home is photo-worthy. And the extra hours that you will put into cleaning or making your home feel photo-worthy may not be worth it to you.

On-location: The beauty of photography is that it is an incredibly mobile art-form. You don’t have to travel to a studio or to stay at home. You can go almost anywhere that pleases you. If you are hikers, why not have photos taken along your favourite trail? If you love flowers, why not go to your favourite garden space? If you prefer posed photos, you can pose virtually anywhere, and if you prefer spontaneous photographs of interactions, you can go anywhere that strikes your fancy. If you want photos playing with your children on the playground, or enjoying the sights and sounds of downtown with your sweetheart, anything is possible. There are so many fabulous parks and green-spaces in and around Greater Victoria, you could have your photos taken at a new park every month, if you so desired, and you wouldn’t run out of places to go. The downside: When you choose a location you are at the mercy of unpredictable weather and other events that may be taking place at the same time, forcing a change of venue, or rescheduling.

The bottom line: There is something for everyone when it comes to photography. The most important thing is getting out there. Make sure that you have photos taken of your loved ones, but make sure that you get in those photographs with your loved ones as well. After all, time flies by. Years from now, you’ll want to have photos to flip through with your children and grandchildren. You’ll want to remember every detail of this beautiful life you are now living.

Siobhan Bibb is the owner/operator of BibbPhoto.  Siobhan is a portrait photographer in the Greater Victoria Area who specializes in on location and in-home photography sessions for children, couples, and families.

When Siobhan is not creating images for her wonderful clients, she is busy homeschooling her two oldest boys, running after her fun-loving three year old, and snuggling her sweet baby boy.

You can connect with Siobhan at any of the following places:




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Mary August 22, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Hi! While this is great for people who don’t know what type of environment to shoot in, I was hoping to get some real place suggestions from you! Do you have any great nooks and crannies to shoot in?

Siobhan Bibb August 22, 2013 at 3:22 pm

Hi Mary!
Thanks for the question! I usually take my lead from my clients and like to shoot in places that the family loves; the list of locations I’ve shot is long and varied! Some of the most popular requests for on-location shoots are Beacon Hill Park, Mt. Doug, and Gorge Park! However, Victoria has an endless supply of fabulous locations!

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