Merry Christmas to All. And no chocolate for me.

by janevermeulen on December 16, 2015 · 0 comments

Christmas is such a wonderful time for me as it is a chance to indulge in two of my favourite hobbies—drinking cocktails and eating sweets. And at Christmas, chocolates and cocktails are everywhere! Except this year, I am dealing with a new challenge as I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I had just accepted life without alcohol or soft cheese so this seemed exceptionally cruel. And sadly, I was diagnosed twelve days before Christmas. So, I can now say: “on the twelfth day of Christmas, my doctor gave to me a list of food I could not eat”.  I am working on the rest of the song.

I became pregnant in July so I am now 25 weeks along. I went into this pregnancy overweight, old (40) and with a family history of diabetes. This will be my second (and last!!) child so I was well aware of my risks. I was also well aware how much I struggled with watching my diet—and weight and that was before I had a child! It just seems that I could not get my collective act together. I will be honest, I had another word in mind than “act”. The first three months of my pregnancy were chaotic with multiple weddings, family illnesses and a toddler son that still has the sleep habits of a newborn. It just seems like I caught my breath yesterday. I still exercised three times a week but I found that my energy levels could only be replenished with naps and chocolate. But my bosses frown on me napping in the exam rooms so chocolate became my crutch.

The week before my test, my mother-in-law ended up in the emergency room twice for different reasons. She lives in a care home in Victoria and requires extensive care but she had been relatively stable for the past year.  It also fell at a busy time of the year as Christmas is very chaotic for me and my family. I remember the morning I was driving to my glucose tolerance test thinking that I really did not have time for diabetes. Who has time for watching what they eat and poking themselves seven times a day? Apparently, I do.

I am now on day three since my diagnosis and have met with the doctor for my instructions. During that time, I went to a Christmas party with friends and a Christmas event at my mother-in-laws facility. I was surrounded by chocolate, cookies and alcohol. And it has been brutal. I have since made the decision to avoid most Christmas functions when possible. I simply cannot restrain myself around chocolate and little pieces of food. Perhaps I will receive the gift of willpower on the ninth day of Christmas.

For now, my Christmas joy will have to come from playing with my son and “experiencing” the joy of Christmas instead of eating my way through the holidays. January 2nd can not come soon enough.



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