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Dr. Stephanie Louie

Dr Stephanie Louie, a native of Victoria, is a chiropractor with a family practice that has a focus on prenatal, infant and pediatric wellness. When she is not with her patients you may be able to find her outdoors spending time with her family exploring Vancouver Island and all its beautiful treasures. To learn more about Dr Louie please visit or call 250-885-2320

Did you know that you have the ability to improve your stress level and even take years off your appearance just though the power of touch?  Researchers from the University of North California discovered that premenopausal women’s blood pressure decreased when they sat with their partner for only 10 minutes.  They also found that they […]


Did you know that being stressed out during your pregnancy could affect your children and even your grandchildren’s pregnancies? An article in the Journal of BioMed Central Medicine suggests that stress can affect pregnancies over generations. The study followed two groups of rats. The first group of rats had a non-stressful pregnancy. The second group […]


Researches have found that by the time a child reaches the age of two, 90% of them are regularly watching TV, DVD’s and videos. Because a child’s brain develops at an exponential pace during the first few years of life, The American Pediatric Association recommends that TV and other entertainment media such as computers, tablets […]

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We all know how delicate a baby is. Now imagine the stress of the birth process upon a tiny baby’s spine. Think about trying to squeeze through a tunnel in a contorted position for hours on end. That’s the birthing process for most of us, which, while completely natural, can put tremendous stress on a […]


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