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I write about what’s come up since le bebe came out. I blog to carefully examine what’s going on so it doesn’t just all happen – I want to be able to credit the deep furrows in my... (read more) View Ma Thought's Posts

Mother Me, May I remember the softness of his duck fluff dual cowlick scalp on my lips when I kiss his head. Mother Me, May I remember how he latches onto my chin and sucks from time to time. Like I was a part of his body, like a thumb. Only bigger. Mother Me, May […]

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Ick. I could just puke. I am so disappointed in myself. I just did one those nauseating things that certain parents do. Not quite as bad as the fountain hair-do on girls, or the headband, or the shoes that squeak, but equally cringe-worthy. “Your nephew is very excited to meet you today” I typed that. […]


I Blame Coffee Today

by Ma Thoughts on July 30, 2010 · 1 comment

morbid morbid morbid. Lying still in my bed, huddled up at the edge, listening for his breath. There it is. There it goes. He takes in a big breath, ‘I wonder if that is his last?’ I don’t hear him breathe. I look over the rim of the crib – gently place my hand on […]

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This is a line from a David Gray song. You have to hear the particular tune and timbre of his voice for your capillaries and pores to all open up and soak up how lovely that line is. Don’t watch the video, just listen. This is the first song line that I can associate with […]

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Maybe It’s Just Me

by Ma Thoughts on July 13, 2010 · 1 comment

Sometimes I forget he is in the room. I get caught up, thinking of this, thinking of that, and then my eyes hop atop the letters parading along in my head and then I notice him there, smiling happily right at me. Or just giving himself a wrist hickey. Or beaming at the fridge, ceiling, […]

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Social Unskills

by Ma Thoughts on July 8, 2010 · 3 comments

I really liked my outfit on Thursday. Especially the fitted red v-neck wool cardigan I wore as the top. It is a really rich, blue-red.; a really good color on me. I put on the outfit in the morning and hung out with Boeuf all day, who is much curd-burpier than he used to be. […]


Not There Yet

by Ma Thoughts on July 4, 2010 · 0 comments

I was reading a Mom blog where a woman was gushing about how wonderful her kid was for wanting to donate her shoes to the Mustard Seed to “those people.” I started to twitch and scowl, to be honest. “Those people” like they are distinct from “these people,” being herself and her awesome child. Not […]


Why Grammar Matters

by Ma Thoughts on June 30, 2010 · 0 comments

I googled “Week 10 infant development” to see what is supposed to be happening. Babies Online, under ‘What Might be Concerning You” exclaims “SIDS!” “SIDS!” That exclamation point offends me. Ehow precedes “How to use an exclamation point” with The often over used exclamation point can add punch to a sentence when used judiciously. Does the […]


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