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Mommy Cooks

I have always had a love of cooking and I'm always eager to learn more. Sometimes just thinking about what to make for dinner between work and kids activities can be overwhelming.... (read more)

Summer is here even if the weather is not cooperating.  Come tomorrow afternoon school will be over and we’ll have a whole summer to get reacquainted with our kidlets.  If you have a lot of time at home with them you might need some ideas.  Below are a few sites I have come across that […]


Monday night, home at 6:30 from kid’s activities, tired and hungry.   Cooking…ughhh…but once I start it is a form of meditation…the stresses of the day fall away as I immerse into a rampage of quick cooking, savouring the smells and colours of the foods going into the night’s meal.  Thrifty’s had tomatoes on sale last […]


Mother’s Day….what do you really want…that’s what my kids keep asking…when I reply with good manners, helpful gestures and no fighting they roll their eyes and say yes but moooooooooommmmmmm what do you want?  Honestly I love to get gifts but I would be just as happy without.  What I love are the little things […]


Addiction to Stuff

by Mommy Cooks on February 15, 2010 · 0 comments

A little something has been nagging away at my psyche lately.  In the past I have paid some attention to this passing thought but lately it is in the forefront for some reason.  “Why do I want things, in essence stuff, is it because it will truly enrich my life in some way or is […]


My Labrador Retriever pounces against the sliding glass door to alert me that she would like me to get moving and open the door so that she may come in and eat her dinner.  Her paw prints make artwork of the recently polished window as the sun light streams through the remaining clean portions.  If […]


Christmas Traditions

by Mommy Cooks on December 20, 2009 · 0 comments

Christmas is a time for traditions with every household having a slightly different variation of how they celebrate the season.  Kids thrive on tradition.  I think it is like an unwritten piece of every family’s code of arms.  Civilization and societies have changed a lot since the beginning of time but despite the distractions of […]


School is out and with the kids at home this week there will be times you might want to take a few minutes for yourself.   This is one little science experiment that is a favourite in our house and sure to entertain for the better part of an hour.  Who would have thought that cornstarch and water […]


My family and I will be making the trek back to the Kootenays for Christmas this year as we do every second year.  It is so lovely to go back and see the snow covered mountains which for us are covered with family and friends.  I look forward to a break from the monotony of […]


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