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Into the Rabbit Hole

At last, a glimmer of hope to a pseudo life again. With my busy household of boys, learning, chores, classes and errands, I am pretty exhausted come the evening hours. My husband and I were just passing each other by with snippets of conversations, books on my reading list seemed to just get higher, mental […]


For years now I have applauded my ex and myself for really trying to put our children first. It wasn’t always easy to put emotions aside and keep an open door and ear to listen to each other and keep the lines of communication open, but somehow we managed to; albeit with a few altercations […]


It sure is raining out there! Energy levels are pretty high here in our house. With the excitement of Christmas just 9 days away and all that couped up energy from being indoors a bit more than they are used to, my guys are literally climbing the walls. Balloon races and paper airplanes and rockets […]


We have our tree up; known this year as our skinny tree. It gets a bit laughed at due to the few branches it has. But it is very space saving. And with 4 boys and us parents that makes 6 in a 3 bedroom house … we need all the space we can get. […]


O Christmas Tree

by Into the Rabbit Hole on December 15, 2009 · 0 comments

It was that time of year to head off and get our Christmas tree. Usually we have it up and decorated by now but due to a few renovation issues we had to wait a few weeks longer than normal. But the time has come and we bundle up to face the elements and head […]


Parenting is quite the journey. It pushes us to such extremes and limits we didn’t even know existed. It can exhaust us, crush us and bring us to our knees. But it also can inspire us and lift us to heights only dreamt about. If we let it, parenting can be an opportunity. An opportunity […]


In a family with 4 boys, a little (well actually a lot..) of busyness is to be expected. There will always be meals, dishes, laundry, projects, lessons, shopping, errands, chores, squables, bandaids, baths, stories … and on and on the list goes. This never ending list goes hand in hand with parenting in pretty much […]

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