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Managed Expectations

by janevermeulen on January 27, 2017 · 0 comments

Life has returned back to normal for our family after six weeks of holiday festivities. Multiple Christmas trees, dinners, decorations, presents and of course, baking. Growing up, I remember my mother’s Christmas baking—Dutch traditions such as olibollen (dutch donuts) and thai-thai. So, I was so excited to start introducing baking traditions to my children.  My […]


Home Alone.

by janevermeulen on November 17, 2016 · 0 comments

Last month, the strangest and oddest thing happened to me—I was home alone for 51 hours. I had not woken up in an alternate universe, nor was my family abducted by aliens. Instead, my husband had headed off on a two day adventure with both children while I got to experience the freedom (and boredom) […]


Never would I ever.

by janevermeulen on October 11, 2016 · 0 comments

I don’t think I have ever been called a sensitive person and as I have gotten older, I realize this is a good thing. Especially as a parent. Last week at my church’s Thanksgiving dinner, my son patted me on the belly and told me I had a big belly. But, I think he meant […]


Last night, I was hurriedly ordering cards on VistaPrint and discovered that there needs to be a new category for “second-child” stationary. My daughter is over four months old and she is getting baptized this week. I realized that I have not made any “formal announcement” of her birth. Since she has passed several milestones, […]


Table for Four?

by janevermeulen on July 4, 2016 · 0 comments

I recently came to the conclusion that I am a parent. Considering that I have a three-year-old son and a three-month-old daughter, that seems like an odd statement. I feel like I had been an imposter parent or a full-time babysitter before my daughter was born, but now that I have “children” and not “a […]


One of my vices or weaknesses in life is tabloid trash. When the going gets tough, I start reading about the Kardashians. One of my favourite articles is “What’s in my bag” when a celebrity dumps their purse/satchel to show us what they are carrying. And yesterday as I was cleaning out my bag, I […]


As I enter the final stretch of my pregnancy, I am enjoying the last few moments of NOT being a parent of a newborn. My son will be three soon, so there is a freedom that comes from passing the baby stage. And, one of the of those freedoms is being able to leave my […]


Christmas is such a wonderful time for me as it is a chance to indulge in two of my favourite hobbies—drinking cocktails and eating sweets. And at Christmas, chocolates and cocktails are everywhere! Except this year, I am dealing with a new challenge as I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I had just accepted […]


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