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Whatever Girl

If you are a busy mum with no spare time, mountains of laundry, a dirty kitchen floor and a heart full of stories then read on because I’ve got a challenge for you. If you choose to accept this challenge, that laundry pile may get a bit bigger, and the floor a little dirtier, but […]


10. Women’s 60minute Monday Morning Sprint out the Door in which a woman must get herself, and a minimum of two kids and one partner ready and out the door within 60 minutes of waking up. Required items: 4 showers, hair blow-dry and straighten, 4 hot breakfasts, 3 lunches (may be prepared the night before), […]


It’s quiet in the house as Zoe and I blow in through the front door, arms full of bags and coats. The weather outside is terrible – wet and windy and heavy with clouds that make it dark before it should be. We kick our shoes off and, after bumping into each other a few […]

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The door shuts behind me and I pick my way through the shadows across the wet ground. I’m appropriately dressed in coat, scarf, gloves and boots over my skimpy party dress, but still I shiver. It’s black outside, as black as it gets at 6:30pm in the middle of a forest. Rain is coming down […]


I’m on my knees, cool tiles under my legs. A faint light comes through the door and there is a light perfume in the air. No, I am not in a church. I’m in a motel room bathroom and I am praying to my old friend, the God of Sleeping Babies. I have never been particularly religious […]


I’m stuck. In traffic. The rain is pelting down and the windshield wipers can’t clear it fast enough. It’s all a grey blur. A fed-up flagperson stands near my car, her ‘stop’ sign drooping down to the ground. I know how she feels. I just want to get home, too. I check the rear-view mirror […]

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The lights have just been lowered in the Royal Theatre and, as per usual, we have just made it to our seats in time. I take a moment to sort Zoe out and to remind Jacob not to rest his size 11 feet on the  seat back in front of him. We settle into our […]


Too Much in the Cart

by Whatever Girl on December 8, 2009 · 3 comments

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Costco, a form of torture I like to inflict on myself as infrequently as possible. Here’s the thing about Costco: everything is huge. Huge shelves, huge carts, huge ceilings, huge hams, huge packs of diapers, toilet paper, jujubes, bread, toothpaste, Christmas cards, shoelaces, underwear, and huge line-ups. […]


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