Table for Four?

by janevermeulen on   July 4, 2016

I recently came to the conclusion that I am a parent. Considering that I have a three-year-old son and a three-month-old daughter, that seems like an odd statement. I feel like I had been an imposter parent or a full-time babysitter before my daughter was born, but now that I have “children” and not “a […]

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What’s in my bag?

by janevermeulen on   April 7, 2016

One of my vices or weaknesses in life is tabloid trash. When the going gets tough, I start reading about the Kardashians. One of my favourite articles is “What’s in my bag” when a celebrity dumps their purse/satchel to show us what they are carrying. And yesterday as I was cleaning out my bag, I […]

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Just a couple of D.I.N.K.s

by janevermeulen on   February 3, 2016

As I enter the final stretch of my pregnancy, I am enjoying the last few moments of NOT being a parent of a newborn. My son will be three soon, so there is a freedom that comes from passing the baby stage. And, one of the of those freedoms is being able to leave my […]

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Merry Christmas to All. And no chocolate for me.

by janevermeulen on   December 16, 2015

Christmas is such a wonderful time for me as it is a chance to indulge in two of my favourite hobbies—drinking cocktails and eating sweets. And at Christmas, chocolates and cocktails are everywhere! Except this year, I am dealing with a new challenge as I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I had just accepted […]

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Perception versus reality.

by janevermeulen on   November 9, 2015

After I graduated from veterinary school, I accepted a position with a pet nutrition company working in sales and technical support. For several years, I wore fancy clothes and travelled the world. And attended many sales training courses to become a Certified Sales Professional. And I was always taught that “perception equals reality”. For many […]

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This is Life.

by janevermeulen on   September 21, 2015

My apologies for the delay in updating my blog. Like so many families, summer is a busy time for us but this summer seemed to have some extra chaos. More weddings, more trips and more hospital visits. This summer also reminded me of the unpredictable nature of life. One of the greatest joys of my […]

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Back to School Sleep Tips

by HappyBaby Sleep Solutions on   August 20, 2015

I hope you are having a fantastic summer! It’s going super fast don’t you think? As much as I love summer, I also love the idea of my children going back to school so I can get something accomplished! Summer is exhausting—mostly due to over scheduling and lack of sleep. If you have a preschooler […]

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The Best Laid Plans

by janevermeulen on   July 30, 2015

A few months ago, my nephew asked if my son Miki could be the ring bearer at his upcoming wedding. That sentence alone should give you an idea of my family dynamics! I am the youngest of four girls—the other three had children as young adults and I had my son at the ripe age […]

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