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In considering what to write in this blog, I asked myself, “With the knowledge I have now, what would I do if I were to suddenly discover that my Grade Four child was struggling at school?” In case this is helpful to you, here are the very first steps I would take. I would need […]


How to Help K-3

by Penny on May 10, 2011 · 0 comments

If you think your child is struggling at school, and they are in K-3, what should you do? First, start with the school. If your child is minimally meeting or not meeting expectations in any area of the curriculum, make an appointment to meet the teacher. You need to find out if the difficulties are […]


A reader reminded me I had promised to talk about this topic – thanks for keeping me accountable!  So, is your child struggling in school? How can you tell? Are they having trouble because they are ‘lazy’? Is it because they are disinterested? Are they clashing with the teacher? Low grades can be caused by […]


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