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Bedtime snacks are one of the most common topics that I’m asked about. Within the last week parents have asked me about them in a presentation, by an in-home service client, even via a post by a follower on my Facebook page. So I thought that it was the perfect topic for today’s blog post. […]


I love Halloween. Always have. Perhaps it’s my penchant for all things dramatic and macabre. Give me any excuse to dress up and woo hoo! I’m in. Even before having kids, I was that weirdo who really decorated for All Hallows Eve. That took some creativity and effort waaaaay back when–before Sears, Hallmark and Target offered […]


We live in a turned on world with TV’s, Computers, MP3 Players, Smart Phones, Radios and other electronic devices. They invade almost every space in our homes, taking the place of books, games and even toys. Dinner time is the time to all of these turn off. Nothing should come to the table, not even your […]


Family style is serving your meal at the table and letting your family and friends serve themselves. This a great opportunity to model manners and portion sizes to your children. Letting children serve themselves also empowers them and in turn is another way to support good self esteem. It allows them to feel control over […]


Family Meals ~ Kids can cook!

by Nicole on February 1, 2013 · 4 comments

With Family Day fast approaching, I wanted to take a family day twist to this months blog and get children in the kitchen with their parents. Teaching children to cook and bake is fun, educational and supports good nutrition. Children who learn to cook will most likely make better food choices through out their teenage […]


Family Meals

by Nicole on January 7, 2013 · 0 comments

Last March, Victoria Family Meals was born out the need to create healthy meals around food intolerances and the importance of eating at least 5 dinners a week as a family. It was important that amongst our busy schedules that we sit as a family and connect. This almost daily connection cements our family values […]


You know those things that really take you back to being a kid that you want to share with your kids? When I was at the market the other day I saw a big pile of bright pink rhubarb and I had to buy some because stewed rhubarb on vanilla ice cream was a big […]


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