About Us

Kids In Victoria (KIV) is a local, online community for moms and dads. KIV fosters relationships between parents in your real-life community, and helps you connect and share with these other, often busy parents.

Most of the content on KIV is generated by moms and dads just like you, and as soon as you become a member, you may begin contributing to the site, and its community.

KIV hosts a busy forum for you to chat with other parents about pretty much anything you like. If there's something on your mind, chances are someone else is interested in it too.

Through KIV's classifieds section you may buy and sell the gently-used items you still have lying around the house no longer in use. And, a little extra cash never hurts!

Meet other parents on the site, add them to your contact list, and keep in touch with your new friends. Often these online friends turn into real-life relationships, and everyone can use another friend.

Finding people catering to the needs of moms, dads, and kids is not always an easy task. That's why KIV has included a Products, Programs & Services Directory full of these very people. Find local businesses and service providers, specializing in making your life as a parent a little easier. Whatever you're looking for, chances are one of KIV's directory members can help you.

KIV has created a community for moms and dads just like you, and you're more than welcome to join the fun!

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