10 Exciting Adventures with the Grandkids

Aging… and the road forward. I’m 73 years old as I write this and an optimist.

As a young man growing up in the ’60s in East Vancouver, I saw a bright future, yes peace and love and all that. Unfortunately, the reality is life has gotten much more stressful with the rising cost of food, gas and housing shortages.

Where can we find some humour, love, relief from everyday issues?

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The answer, GRANDKIDS!

Recently our two grandkids stayed with us for a week. Oh, so much fun, love and especially laughter! You know that deep belly, tears-in-your-eyes laughter.

It felt so good! How can we bottle that laughter and that energy for the rest of the year?

Charming, cute kids have a way of warming one’s heart.

We went on several adventures with the grandkids while they were here.

First on the itinerary was a walk in Goldstream Park to check out the waterfall. It’s a short hike and we all enjoyed the fresh air and a chance to stretch our legs. The waterfall did not disappoint!

The rest of the week we did so much, and yes it was exhausting, but that’s alright, we’re spending time with our grandkids making memories.

If you are looking for some ideas of what to do with your grandkids, here is a list we managed to accomplish in less than seven days:

*A warning—This list is not for the faint of heart, it was, as mentioned, exhausting but truly worth every moment.

Sidney Museum. When we had the kids, the LEGO Exhibit was in town. An added bonus was a scavenger hunt the museum put together so the kids could find the items and check them off their list. Our grandkids took up the challenge. We all had a blast! Entry is by donation so it’s not an expensive place to take the kids.

The Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea Aquarium on the waterfront in Sidney. The kids loved it and they got to meet “Tanner,” an octopus, climbing around his tank. This aquarium is an informative and hands-on experience.

Miracle Lanes five-pin bowling in Sidney. Our granddaughter would not be able to pick up the ball needed to play 10-pin, so we opted for five. We bowled two games, which was plenty.

Helijet Airport along Dallas Road to watch the Helijet land. There’s something about the roar of a helicopter that makes kids and those young at heart smile.

Ogden Point Breakwater. This cement structure was constructed between 1914 and 1917 and is a very popular place for tourists and locals to walk along with a lighthouse at the end to sit and relax for a few minutes. We spotted a few seals and starfish of various colours but did not spot the resident octopus.

Beacon Drive-in Restaurant. Situated across from Beacon Hill Park, this popular and famous drive-in has been voted to have the best ice cream in Victoria for the last 29 years in a row. The kids approved!

Beacon Hill Petting Zoo. We saw lots of goats, squirrels, peacocks, peahens and many other animals. Entry is by donation and the experience was very entertaining.

Royal BC Museum. Old town is back!

Beach day in Sooke. We stopped at Shirley Delicious to get something to eat, then hiked down to Sherringham lighthouse and the final stop was Sandcut Beach to play behind the waterfalls. My wife and I chose to snuggle on a log, soak up the sunshine and watch the kids play.

Walk along the Gorge Walkway on the Southside so we could view the midden under the Gorge bridge, then on to the Japanese Gardens and the new Tea house (for a bathroom break).

Japanese Village restaurant. The kids got a blast out of that.

Spaghetti Factory. Very reasonable prices and very kid friendly.

Five and Dime diner in Sidney. Throwback to the good old days when prices were cheaper, and food filled your plate.

My Chosen Cafe in Metchosin. Great food and a small petting zoo in the back. Bonus: kids get free ice cream cones.

The Hands of Time: Public Art Walking Tour. The perfect scavenger hunt searching for 12 bronze sculptures by a BC artist.

Now get out there and spend some time in the sun or rain, walking, hiking, eating and enjoying life. You’ve earned it and if you’re lucky enough to have grandkids, bring them along to make some memories that will last forever. And that will nourish your soul as well!

Wayne Forseth
Wayne Forseth
Wayne Forseth grew up in East Vancouver. As a retired musician, he is now able to devote more time to background work, writing the occasional article on subjects of interest and playing guitar. He remains fit by going for a two-hour walk each morning and spends as much time as possible with his wife and two grandkids.