​​10 Reflections on Parenting

If you were asked to sum up the 10 most important lessons you’ve learned since becoming a parent, what would they be?

That’s the premise behind illustrator Grace Farris’s recent work, Ten Pithy Reflections on Ten Years of Motherhood.

Her revelations:

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1. Everything is a phase.

2. The sleep deprivation gets better.

3. Beware the library silence of quietly “playing” child.

4. You are not a short-order cook EXCEPT WHEN YOU ARE!

5. Bath time is a gift.

6. Sometimes things just won’t be aesthetically pleasing.

7. Write the nice/funny stuff down to remember later.

8. Time is precious.

9. Time is an illusion.

10. Time for a snack plate.

Chances are, you could add another 10 pithy reflections of your own—beware bare feet and lost Lego, for one, or maybe, the best way to get your kids’ attention is turn off the internet—and keep on going from there. Learning seems to come with the territory, both for kids and for parents.

This issue aims to complement a parent’s first-hand, hard-won knowledge. You’ll find information on the importance of friendship, how to help kids deal with anxiety and why classrooms that are “open to all learners” might not suit all students. There’s a guide to help you and your family find fun in fall, a list of autumn nature highlights and recipes for quick healthy oven meals.

Time is precious, especially family time. And when the going gets tough, remember: “Everything is a phase.” Chances are, if the hangries have anything to do with it, it’s time for a snack plate!

– Sue Fast

Vancouver Island's Parenting Resource