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Take a look at this month's articles provided by Island Parent Magazine. Each month you'll find new articles with topics on parenting your children of any age. Written largely by local authors, these articles provide some great perspectives related to parenting, both on and off the island.

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Nurturing a Love of Nature Nurturing a Love of Nature
We know it, but we don’t do it enough. Unplug. Get outdoors. Celebrate the wonders surrounding us. Teach our kids that nature needs nurture, and we need to love our planet as much as our big screens, small screens and ...
posted: May 30, 2017  |  views: 320  |  comments: 0
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Free to Play Free to Play
As I surveyed the playroom full of toys belonging to my two-year-old grandson, I realized something quite profound. His main interest these days is typical of a little boy—he has a mind-boggling array of cars and truck...
posted: May 30, 2017  |  views: 81  |  comments: 0
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Child Spacing: Whose business is it, anyway? Child Spacing: Whose business is it, anyway?
Fertility and child spacing are intensely personal topics, but acquaintances and strangers often bring them up in social settings. When my husband and I married eight years ago, it seemed like we had opened a flood-gate ...
posted: May 30, 2017  |  views: 980  |  comments: 0
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The Other \'L\' Word The Other 'L' Word
It’s 4:59 a.m. I’m alone in bed having a panic attack. My kids are at my ex’s house. I’m trying to breathe deeply and calm my body but the twisting in my chest and the aching in my stomach won’t stop. Without a...
posted: May 30, 2017  |  views: 1423  |  comments: 0
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Well...This is Awkward: But maybe it doesn\'t have to be Well...This is Awkward: But maybe it doesn't have to be
You know those questions your kids spring on you out of the blue? I’m referring to those queries in the realm of sex, drugs, and other such PG-13 topics. Those questions. I love them. LOVE ’em. Few moments bring me g...
posted: Apr 26, 2017  |  views: 637  |  comments: 0
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Double Whammy: A secret to self-care Double Whammy: A secret to self-care
As a new parent, finding you-time is a bit like playing Tetris. Between baby’s meals, your own meals, naps, diaper changes, crying spells and keeping house, the notion of self-care seems like it won’t fit. But as the...
posted: Apr 26, 2017  |  views: 503  |  comments: 0
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The Pianists The Pianists
We arrive at the venue for the Upper Island Music Festival seconds before the morning session is scheduled to begin. Coming from a smaller community, I’d forgotten how challenging it can be to find appropriate parking ...
posted: Apr 26, 2017  |  views: 491  |  comments: 0
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Things Women & Men Say Things Women & Men Say
Who better to give relationship advice than a single, divorcing woman, right! Right? Hear me out. Part of processing the end of my marriage has been speaking with others about their situations, whether they’re married,...
posted: Apr 26, 2017  |  views: 629  |  comments: 0
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Kool & Child: Building a legacy of love Kool & Child: Building a legacy of love
History is replete with examples of good things emerging from the love of a parent or grandparent. Kool and Child, Vancouver Island’s largest specialty toy and teaching supply store is an example of the phenomenon, and...
posted: Mar 28, 2017  |  views: 656  |  comments: 0
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Q & A with Lyra McLean of Momease Baby Boutique Q & A with Lyra McLean of Momease Baby Boutique
Q. What need did you recognize within the parenting community that propelled you to open Momease? A. After experiencing what it was like heading into baby stores to prepare for our first child as total parenting novic...
posted: Mar 28, 2017  |  views: 587  |  comments: 0
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