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Jennifer Gibson

Jennifer Gibson, MA, is also known as “The Sex Lady”— officially now for 15 years in Greater Victoria!—to the thousands of amazing youth and adults she is lucky to educate and learn with through her job as the Coordinator of Community Education at Island Sexual Health. She’s passionate about making sexuality education as positive, fun and non-cringe-able as possible.

Books About S.E.X.

One of my first memories about talking with my mom about sexuality happened when she strategically gifted me a book called, Where Do Babies...

How to Help Kids Build Healthy, Happy Relationships

One of the biggest challenges of the pandemic response for many of us, especially our school aged children, was the imposition of limitations to...

The Pursuit of Their Own Normal

A brilliant friend of mine has a magnet on her fridge that looks like an advertisement and it states in bold lettering, “I am...

Puberty Survival Kit

One of my most favourite experiences as a “fun” Auntie to several fabulous young humans was building puberty supply kits.The trial run happened without...

Talking to Kids About Sex

“How can I help my parents become comfortable enough to talk with me about sex?”This was a question I was recently asked by a...

Questions, Curiosities & Answers

Recently I was setting up my teaching materials in a Grade 8 classroom when I overheard one of the students say, “I hope we...

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