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Lauren Sherwood

Lauren Sherwood is a Parks Naturalist with the Capital Regional District. Please visit the website for the calendar of events

A Breath of Fresh Air for Families

Ahh…spring…blue skies, bees buzzing, birds calling….one of the best times for families to head outside to parks. A change of scenery can be a...

At Risk, But Not Because of Winter

What do you think of when you hear the word “winter”? Does the word invoke visions of crunching through snow, a toque low on...

Putting Leaf to Paper

Years ago, whenever my family went travelling, my parents encouraged both my brother and me to keep a travel journal. We would write about...

Screen Time in Green Time

When I was 16 years old and earned my Novice (N) driver’s license, I got my first cell phone. With an N, you can...

Who Hoots for You?

If you’re out for a walk in the woods and hear what sounds like someone asking “Who cooks for you?” chances are it’s not...

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