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Susan Gnucci

Susan Gnucci is a local author and a proud “nonna” to an adorable four-year-old grand-son. She enjoys sharing her experiences as a first-time grandparent.

Money Matters

Most would agree with the importance of equipping our children with some degree of financial know-how. After all, it is a crucial life skill....


As children, we see our mothers through rose-coloured lenses. They’re that wonderful combination of softness and warmth combined with wisdom and a steely strength....

Simple Pleasures

I recently baked a birthday cake with my four-year-old grandson, and after we had iced it, I offered one of the beaters to him....

Age Is Just a Number

One of the funniest recollections from my teaching days goes back to something a little Grade 1 boy named Christopher said to me. He...

What Lies Behind Lying

We’re all guilty of white lies, so how do you talk to your children about lying?By nature, small children are inherently honest—they tell it...

What Our Children Teach Us

When my two sons were born, only 21 months apart, I was eager to embark on the journey of parenthood. Although I was young...

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