Baby Massage: Baby Yoga with Touch

Duration: 13:39

Follow Along with Yoga Instructor and RN Crystal Star

This 13 minute video explores techniques from yoga, such as body orientation, to encourage your baby’s social and emotional development — through play, eye contact, talking and touch. Like other forms of massage, Baby Yoga with Touch can help you both feel better, mentally and physically, and RELAX! This video also shows a way to calm a crying baby — by holding baby close, rocking and repeating “OHM”.

Promotes Connection, Improves Sleep, Relieves Colic, Reinforces Positive Body Image

Baby Yoga with Touch helps improve baby’s digestion, stimulates the immune system, increases baby’s range of motion and teaches baby, from early in life, about a healthy lifestyle and positive self-esteem. It contributes to baby’s brain development, builds your connection with each other, and helps relieve stress — in both you and baby!

Learning to do baby massage is a bit like learning to cook. Reading various recipes can give a good idea of the essential aspects of the recipe that you can then modify to make it work for you. We feel that a parent/caregiver who watches all of our baby massage videos will come away with a high level of competence and confidence about baby massage. And we hope you will feel inspired to make baby massage a regular part of your caregiving. Healthy, loving touch is one of the most important factors for infants to grow and thrive.

We encourage you to learn from your health professional if the recommendations in the video are right for your child.


Crystal Star

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