A family first begins with the boat of death!

by Our Little Pickle on December 9, 2009 · 2 comments

This past weekend we embarked on our first ever family vacation. Travelling was something my husband and I did a lot of before we had Everly, we kept saying that we had to get as much in as we could before we decided to settle down and have a family. Fortunately as I grew rounder and rounder during our pregnancy we realized that we didn’t have to stop travelling just because we would have a child, our trips would just look a little bit different. Also, places that we had visited before would become new again; seen this time through her eyes!

For our first trip, the sporting events of football and shopping brought us to Seattle. If you don’t think shopping is a sporting event then you have obviously never shopped with me! We planned for 3 nights away and decided to stay right downtown (amidst all of the action of course, yeah, lots of action to be had downtown with a baby???!!!). We thought the Victoria Clipper would be the best way to get down there because it would minimize the amount of time Everly would have to be restrained (E hates to be restrained right now unless there continues to be an endless amount of something new to look at and/or try to grab).

The clipper to get to Seattle leaves at 5:00pm from Victoria’s Inner Harbour and is supposed to arrive in Seattle’s Inner Harbour around 7:45pm… we got there at 9:00pm; why? oh because it was the boat of death. The boat ride started out a little bit choppy, the captain came over the intercom and strongly suggested that people take motion sickness tabs just in case; I took 2 children’s Gravol because I am prone to seasickness, yeay! The captain also said that the first hour and 30 minutes of the ride should be the worst. So fast forward to an hour and 45 minutes into the boat ride, it was bouncy, but not too bad at all, I was thinking that I could totally handle it and did not feel nauseated at all. I started to feel pretty great, thinking wow, that wasn’t so bad at all we made it! Fast forward to 5 minutes later… the captain comes on and says okay, now it is going to get really rough as the waves are going to be coming in from the front. You know when they say something like that it is not going to be good. There was no sugar coating, he said don’t worry folks, we’ll get you there. Panic! Panic! Panic!

Everly had just nursed and fallen asleep in my arms and then the waves started to hit. We were sitting in the front of the boat and the curtains had come loose so we could see outside infront of us. We started riding the worst rollercoaster ever. The boat would rise and then DROP! leaving your tummy in mid-air and then waves would crash on the roof with the most terrifying THUD and CRASH. I could see the front of the boat go under water, there was no sky, only water; water infront of us, water crashing on our heads and water leaking in the doors on the sides. People around us were screaming when we would drop and get whacked with the pounding waves, side to side and back and forth. All around us were “oh my Gods” and sniffles. I swear I could hear people holding their breath as we crested the top of a set of waves before the drop. When we got off I heard the crew saying that there were 20 foot swells… the clipper is 20 feet tall, and if they had known what was out there, they wouldn’t have sailed. Me either, because I have never been so scared in my life.

Everly woke up about 5 minutes into all of this and just stared up at me with her big blue eyes wide. She did not move nor make a sound. I just kept looking into her face and telling myself that it would all be okay. I looked to my husband and said I am really scared as a few alligator tears slipped from my eyes. He assured me that these boats are made for this and to think of it as a ride, he said, you love rides! Not really the time for comic relief there babe. I took deep breaths in and out, over and over, staring at Everly as she stared at me; she kept me as calm as I could be kept. Of course being a terrified new mother I just kept thinking nothing can happen to her, she is too young. I looked around me for ways to keep her safe. I pictured how I would keep her afloat and her face out of the water if need be, I was prepared to be a superhero if I had to.

And then the motion slowly diminished. I let down my shoulders, I turned my neck from side to side. My arms were shaking. That was the longest and most frightening 20 minutes of my life. People around us were sighing and clapping and laughing. I looked to my husband, my daughter- my entire world, and I felt so lucky to have them. I look back now and think okay, I might have acted a bit dramatic (as is my nature though, lol) and I might have panicked a little bit more than necessary, my mind might have been racing at a higher gear than other people’s, but that’s only because I was faced with what I might loose- my family. So laugh at me or call me silly if you like (as my husband eventually did!), but my reaction was evidence of how much I love those two and I am not embarassed at all!

The rest of our trip went off without a hitch. Everly was a great shopper of course and enjoyed all that there was so see in Seattle. We had a great time as a family doing family type things and the ride back home was so beautiful. The water was calm, the sun was shining and we even snuck in a cat nap. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Us 3 on the deck of the Space Needle

Us 3 on the deck of the Space Needle

Me and E visiting the otters!

Me and E visiting the otters!

E enjoys the view on the ride home

E enjoys the view on the ride home

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Diane Fit to the Finish December 10, 2009 at 6:06 am

Oh my goodness! That sounds so scary. Glad everything was okay in the end and that you enjoyed your day. Yikes!

Found you on Twitter!

Our Little Pickle December 10, 2009 at 10:39 am

Thanks Diane, it was scary! But yes, the rest of our trip was just great… I will look for you on twitter!

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