Doggy dinner, no dishes…

by Mommy Cooks on January 16, 2010 · 0 comments

My Labrador Retriever pounces against the sliding glass door to alert me that she would like me to get moving and open the door so that she may come in and eat her dinner.  Her paw prints make artwork of the recently polished window as the sun light streams through the remaining clean portions.  If you have ever spent any time with a Lab you will know that they live to eat.  She is in great shape especially for being 11 years young but given the chance she would eat till she exploded.   So, I portion out her dinner into the same dish she used this morning and get some fresh water.  There are no dishes to be done at every meal for her…hmmmm…

 I wish, at times, that the family dinner came in a big bag, easily portioned out and that the kids would wolf it down like it was the best meal they ever had every night without fail.  Unfortunately people unlike dogs are a little picky, me included.   Anything that does come in a bag is unfortunately inedible or full of things I would rather leave at the store than store in my body.  As for the dishes may I say…ewww…but what a break that would bring to daily life.  Oh, the life of a dog! 

 This evening though I arrive home to a great aroma wafting from the kitchen.  My reward for taking just a few minutes this morning prepping my slow cooker.   I tried a new recipe that at first glance sounds a bit bizarre, but it turned out to be a keeper.   Who’d think that cherry pie filling on pork loin chops would be a hit. 

 Cherry Pork Loin Chops

 4 -6 thick boneless pork loin chops, generously sprinkled with sea salt and fresh ground pepper

Place in your slowcooker, then mix:

  • 1 can cherry pie filling
  • 4 whole cloves or sprinkle of ground
  • 1-1/2t. yellow mustard
  • 2t. apple cider vinegar

Spoon onto the top of each chop and set on med for all day or high for 4-5 hrs.

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