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by Alison on March 11, 2010 · 0 comments

As I was searching for new  meal ideas (read: creative but easy ways to get her to eat her veggies) for my 16 month old I came across something I thought was absolutely brilliant and thought I would share it with other Moms out there.

My little gal loves her bread and recently I have tried tortillas or other wraps/pitas but find them to be a bit hard/dry(especially the wholegrain ones).  Well, lo and behold I read of a mom that used a rolling pin to roll out wholewheat bread slices and then fill it like a wrap with all sorts of different fillings and guess what?! It was a hit.  She loves it and its easy for her to hold, bite into and chew!  Brilliant!  I also read that if the bread is a bit dry to pop it into the microwave and then roll it out and this works great too.  Just thought Id pass that along for those of us who are introducing our babies to different foods.  I find it much easier for my little gal right now rather then tortillas or pitas which are a bit harder for her to bite into.

Hope this is useful to others as it was to us!

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