Supermom no more … well maybe …

by Into the Rabbit Hole on June 9, 2010 · 0 comments

It took me until now, with baby number 5, to actually make myself a priority. It is funny how we moms would do anything and everything for our children and we want them to do anything and everything for themselves that would enrich their lives … but yet, what about ourselves? Other than parenting, what do we do to enrich our own life… what priority do we give to that? What ever happened to lead by example, model the results you wish to see?

In our society it seems that we moms need to sacrifice ourselves, our wants, our needs, our basics of self care even, to put ever ounce of energy and effort into our children and our families. Maybe it isn’t society, maybe it is just my misinterpretation of it. But the pressure to be supermom is everywhere – from our families, from teachers, from the books we read, from the looks people give, from the questioning or scrutiny of our decision and sadly even from our friends! If anything is not going well in a child’s life it must be due to some ‘lack’ in their life … more precisely, some lack of parenting; something must be missing, something undone, or done wrong.

The pressure builds, the supermom persona steps in and next you find yourself as a parent scrambling to do the best always even in spite of yourself. Don’t get me wrong, putting the needs of our children do need to be a top priority in our lives. And I strongly believe in the attachment method of rearing children and the unarguable benefits it has…but lets not forget ourselves. We are people too. We moms are often the backbone to the family! Much is on our plate and we are needed. But as we push ourselves to such extreme limits, what are we really adding to the family? And what happens when we push ourselves to a breaking point? What about mommy burnout?

So here I am making myself a priority … baby-stepping my way back to myself. I am going to lead by example. I am going to give myself a break, pat myself on the back and say ‘Job well done … you deserve to be you too’. And I am going to try as much as humanly possible to muffle the voices of mommy guilt that keep shouting in my head and try to enjoy myself … I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!

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