Crafty Crafty for Easter!

by Renee Sala on March 28, 2013 · 0 comments

Easter is around the corner, and that means family dinners, long weekends, and kids filled with chocolate!

In the spirit of both Easter AND Earth Day (April 20th), Renée from Crafty School of Art has designed a fun and easy craft made with up-cycled materials you likely have around the house. The kids can even make it with almost no help (yay!), and it’ll dress up the Easter dinner table with cuteness.

Planet Pal # 1: Easter Bunny Napkin Ring

These super cute little rabbits are so much fun even for the littlest crafter! Encourage the kids to think about who’s coming to dinner and have them make rabbits that resemble their family or friends…like if Gramma wears glasses and sweaters with kittens on them, so can your bunny! When it comes time to set the table, they’ll be super excited to pitch in and add their creations to each setting.

Time (per bunny):

20 mins.

Materials & Tools:

*Up-cycled toilet paper rolls & thin cardboard (cereal boxes)

*Various paper scraps of different colours, textures and patterns.


*Glue Stick

*Markers (Sharpies are the best, but make sure your table and kids are all covered!)

*Ribbon, googly eyes, and wool (all optional!)

Tip: The paper is what really makes this craft fun, so cut up fashion mags, wallpaper samples, old phone books, or anything that is colourful and easy to cut. Make sure there are some plain colours like white or brown for the bunnies fur (…construction paper works great). I always find that if the paper is cut into small squares, the kids have an easier time of envisioning what they can do with it, so trim off the weird bits and let them go for it!


Step One: Explain to the kids that they need to choose 3 pieces of ‘fancy’ paper; one for the bunny’s head, one for it’s pants, and one for it’s shirt.

Step Two: Cut each piece of paper into a strip that is long enough to get around the cardboard tube plus a little bit for over-lapping. Each strip needs to be about 2” wide.

Step Three: Put glue onto the back of the paper you want to use for the head. Make sure to get the glue all the way to the edges. Now put glue onto the back of the pants and the shirt. Tip: It’s easier if you use a piece of scrap paper under your strip while you’re putting on the glue so you can get right to the edges without worrying about getting glue all over the table.

Step Four: Line up the straight edge of the head paper with the edge of the tube and press it down firmly. Now do the pants. Do the shirt last, overlapping both the pants and the head a little bit. At this point you could add a tie or a necklace!

Step Five: Cut some ear shapes out of thin cardboard. Remember that rabbits have long ears that are round at the tip, and the insides of their ears are a different colour than the outsides. Use these shapes to trace onto the coloured paper you like for the ears, then cut and glue the paper onto the cardboard ear bit. Cut smaller pieces of paper for the insides of the ears and glue those on too.

Step 6: Put a little glue on the bottom of the ears…on the front! Press this glued part against the inside of the tube, where the ears should go (according to the artist of course).

Step 7: Cut some feet and arm shapes out of thin cardboard. Use these shapes to trace onto the coloured paper you like for the ears, then cut and glue the paper onto the cardboard foot or arm. Cut a small slit in each side of the bunny at the bottom, and slide the heel of each foot through each slit so they stick out the side. Glue the arms into place.

Step 8: Make a face! Good. Now let’s make the bunny face 😉 You can either draw it on with markers, or cut eyes, noses and whiskers out of paper and glue them on.

Step 9: Tail time! Cut a small circle out of paper and glue it onto the bunny’s bottom.

Step 10: Your bunny is complete, but you can always take it to another level by gluing on ribbon for belts, adding googly eyes, or even cutting out a carrot or two to put in it’s pockets!

Roll up a napkin for each guest and stick it inside the bunny to lay down on each plate before dinner (….and maybe hide a sweet little surprise inside too 🙂

Happy Crafting and Happy Easter!

Renée Sala

Director of Crafty School of Art

Renée Sala is the Director and owner of Crafty School of Art, located in Victoria, BC.

She’s been a ‘Crafty Kid’ her entire life, and learned most of what she knows from her Mom (a potter for over 30 years) and her Dad (a carpenter). Add a fantastic art school education, 8 years of traveling, plus 10 years of teaching at home and abroad and you’ve got the Craftiest teacher in town!

Her enthusiasm for teaching and making art in a variety of mediums led her to open Crafty in 2010. Kids in the Victoria area have been exploring clay, wool, sewing, paper maché and SO much more ever since. She focuses on skill development and goal setting with a big dose of fun fun fun!

Please have a look at the Crafty School of Art website for more information on upcoming Crafty Classes, Camps, In-School Programs, Festivals, and Crafty Kits (DIY Kits for kids!).

Crafty School of Art, 2440 Richmond Road, Victoria BC, V8R 4S3

Phone: 250-881-5075


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