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Alison Graham


by Alison on January 28, 2010 · 1 comment

I wonder what life would be without dreams?  Just this morning as I was driving to work turning the radio knobs song after song after meaningful song came on.  All of my favourites – something that rarely, if ever, happens. As I drove listening to the music I could feel the stress and worry that […]

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My toddler, the clingmaster.

by Alison on January 11, 2010 · 1 comment

Just recently my daughter has become the clingmaster and will affix herself to any part of me she can successfully stick to.  This morning has started off as no exception.   When I express my woes Moms all around me smile at me knowingly and a few toss out a sarcastic – you are SO loved with a chuckle.  […]

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So there I was…standing in the supermarket line-up, avoiding all eyes, frantically waving a toy with one hand to my screaming baby all the while putting groceries onto the checkout.  As my (child of the corn) began to reach her crescendo (she was truly in the throes of a formidable meltdown), I threw in a […]

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My Christmas tree has been packed away, the holiday décor is back in storage  and the treats that added all that extra poundage have been purged from our home.  It’s a new decade, and another year.  I welcome the fresh start to  creating an unforgettable 2010! I have actually never made a New Years resolution(s) […]


Toys have never cluttered our living space – and I vowed that they never would.  However, with my little gal hinging on 14 months it would appear that we are beginning to accumulate toys.  We (Chris and I) have come to an agreement to try to buy a minimal amount of good quality toys as opposed to loads of […]


Just the other day, I was with a group of Moms and one of them mentioned how she absolutely cant STAND hearing her baby cry… the topic was discussed cautiously…and I couldn’t help but notice a few moms casting furtive glances my way…because, you see, I’m deaf. Suddenly, an uncomfortable silence descended upon them, and […]

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  “So where are you guys going for Christmas,?” a family member asked., “Oh, um, erm… I’m not sure yet,” I stammered before nervously changing the subject.  A few short hours later I opened my email to find myself looking at the same question from yet another family member before shutting the computer and facing […]

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Competitive parents… we all know one, hell many of us probably are one. They/we are everywhere and they/we are a complete pain in the ass. Why are we so competitive nowadays? What is fuelling this deep need to be the fastest, the smartest, the “very” best? My first taste of competitive parenting came at one […]


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