Dog Science Unleashed

In the Nat Geo Kids book Dog Science Unleashed, you’ll find 22 safe and dog-friendly activities you can enjoy alongside your canine companion while discovering what makes Fido tick. Here are a few sample activities:

Righty or Lefty?

It’s not just people who favor one hand over the other! Dogs can be left-handed, or rather, left-pawed, too. With these two activities, you can find out if your dog is a righty or a lefty.

Add up how many times your dog used each paw in the tests. Did he favour one paw more often?

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Paw Preference Test 1: Place a small bit of painter’s tape on the end of your dog’s nose, right in the centre. Record how many times he uses each paw as he removes it.

Paw Preference Test 2: Find a piece of furniture with a low edge, such as a sofa or a bookshelf. It should be low enough that your dog cannot stick his head under, but with enough room for a paw. Show your dog a treat and then slide it under the furniture. Record how many times he uses each paw to try to reach the treat.

About one-third of dogs are rightpawed, one-third are left-pawed, and one-third don’t seem to have a preference. So whatever your results, your dog is in good company.

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