Feb/Mar 2022

Tired of being cooped up? There’s no time like springtime to get outside and shake off the winter blahs. Not only are the days getting longer, with the extra light chasing away the shadows, but there’s lots more to do now that we can get outdoors and explore. So where to start?You’ll find 7 ½ spring things to do, including getting to a Gulf Island, being a tourist, and watching for whales. Feel like hitting the slopes? Look for how you can ski or snowboard while saving money in Need to Know. Also in this issue you’ll find articles ranging from how to help neurodiverse kids deal with anxiety, 10 types of private schools, and teaching kids to use inclusive language, to helping kids build healthy, happy relationships, the mental load of motherhood, and how to spark spring break joy.So bring on the sunshine. And spring into spring!

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