Five Ways to Enjoy Your River

The Outdoor Recreation Council of BC coordinates BC Rivers Day, an annual celebration of our local waterways that takes place on the fourth Sunday of September.

Rivers and waterways have always been central to life in British Columbia and were the original highways relied upon by Indigenous Peoples and European explorers. With the myriad of benefits that healthy rivers provide, we should never take them for granted. Easy to love, they help us discover new places and connect us to friends and the beauty of nature.

Be Curious

Learning more about your local rivers will make you appreciate them even more. How have they shaped the landscape and what is their cultural significance. Visit to test you river knowledge.

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Try a New Activity

Raft, canoe, fish, walk, ride or watch nature. Or bring a shovel and pan and try your luck at gold panning! There is almost no end to the number of recreation activities that you can do on, in or by a river.

Host an Event

Celebrate your local river and the recreational, cultural and environmental difference it makes by hosting a community event. For BC Rivers Day, communities organize stream clean-ups, paddle trips and festivals.

Become a Citizen Scientist

From volunteering for a river clean-up to taking part in ecological monitoring, there is lots you can do to help citizen science and stewardship efforts. Your local streamkeepers are usually a good place to start.

Snap Pics

Taking pictures is a great way to appreciate, remember and share scenery and experiences. Tips include: use the camera to help you see; pay attention to all that moves—your paddle or the ripples on the water; and vary your perspective.

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