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For the Love of Water

My son loves water. Most kids are happy playing with water. Here are some fun ideas for water play for kids of all ages—without even having to leave your yard! Remember to always supervise your kids to keep them safe around water.

Water Tables for Toddlers

You’ll find some great water tables out there with pinwheels, waterwheels, and even umbrellas over the tables to provide some shade. My kids enjoyed our water table from ages 2 to 4. You don’t even need a water table. You can use buckets or a shallow kiddie pool with funnels and toys.

Water Balloons

The crocheted and knit water balloons can be fun too, but they are not as satisfying for my kids as actual real water balloons. However, the crocheted balloons are environmentally friendlier (since they are reusable) and are sort of like throwing a wet washcloth or sponge. They can be fun to play bean bag toss with or to splat on the side of your house. Have a competition for throwing a balloon the farthest or highest.

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Make A Waterfall

Kids can have fun pouring water with watering cans and buckets to create their own mini waterfalls. This can also be a great way to encourage your kids to water the garden, too. Strainers and colanders work for this, too. They also make a great showers for LEGO figures, Barbies and Playmobil dolls.


There are many different sprinklers out there from beach ball style to an Octopus or even a standard sprinkler. Try running through with a favourite doll or while holding hands with a sibling, too. My kids love to go under while holding their umbrellas.

Slip n’ Slide

A little bit of dish soap can create a faster Slip n’ Slide. A hill can turn it into a waterslide too. You may even be able to slide down on a floaty. Be careful to go one at a time and slide on your bum.

Kiddie Pool

Grab some rubber duckies, toy boats, kitchen funnels, your goggles and head into your kiddie pool. If you can, fill it with warm water to turn it into your hot tub. Perhaps, you head through the chilly sprinkler and then warm up in your kiddie pool. Make it a challenge to see if your entire family can fit into the pool. See who can create the biggest waves.

You can also have an old-fashioned water fight with buckets, squirt guns, or empty containers such as dish soap bottles. Ensure you wear sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and long sleeved sun shirts. It’s also a good idea to avoid the hottest part of the day, too. Happy splashing.

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