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New Mom in Victoria and looking for work - speak French

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New Mom in Victoria and looking for work - speak French

Postby Irene12 on Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:51 pm

I am a mother of two, my children are 11 and 14, we are looking to move to Victoria this December. I have no doubt Victoria is a beautiful place to raise a family and certainly the best climate in Canada. I am now in Australia, so I know no matter where I will be in Canada, the weather will be a concern. I'm ready now to confront this, and I think as long as my family/children will be happy, going to a good school, etc. Then what more can I ask?
My main concern and most importantly is finding a job. I have been a mother for ten years, my children are all grown up, I need to return to the workforce. I am more then ready to accept anything, a job to support my family. I want to know if in Victoria, I will be able to find a job. How is the job market for a woman? Is the job market good for woman?
Also, I heard that the cost of living is expensive their. How expensive is grocery shopping? Here in Brisbane, grocery is so so expensive, $120.00 is considered normal. Apples are sometime $5.00 per kilo, Chicken breast $9.00/kilo, etc. Is it as expensive in Victoria? How about restaurant?
Any comments would be much appreciated, it's the best way for me to know the city before making my move. Thank you, Irene12
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