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Bed wetting alarm?

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Bed wetting alarm?

Postby Braeden's Mom on Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:01 am

I'm so frustrated with the bed wetting and am seriously considering one of these. Any experiences? Do they work? Know of anywhere to buy them where it's not an arm and leg? Other recommendation? I don't really want to use meds
Braeden's Mom
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Re: Bed wetting alarm?

Postby momtofour on Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:18 pm

Re: Bedwetting alarms ... any experiences to share?
by momtofour on Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:48 pm

UPDATE from OP! Well, we decided to try the alarm and it worked!
The first 2 weeks it went off several times just as he was starting to wet and he woke up - he is a sound sleeper but with this little box sitting on his collarbone vibrating and making a lot of noise he woke - so he got up and went to the bathroom. By the end of 2 weeks he was dry all night, so he wore it for another 2 weeks as per instruction and never since! He has only wet once in over a year and his self esteem (and my pocketbook - Underjams are costly) was saved any further destruction. He now wakes up on his own and goes during the night if he needs to, so his bladder still can't hold it all, but his brain has been trained to recognize the need.

So, now we are selling the alarm if anyone else is interested in trying it out. ... d_14966391

We bought our alarm from the bedwetting store it was about $140 delivered, but worth every penny! ... alarm.html
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Re: Bed wetting alarm?

Postby TazDevil on Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:14 am

There was another thread about this a few months ago. Do a search?

Bed wetting alarms are useless from our experience. They wake the entire house AFTER the child has wet the bed and often not the child. It was useless for us and the doctor explained that Nighttime bladder control is a developmental thing. You can't learn something your body is not developmentally ready to do anymore than you can teach an infant to walk or roll or sit before their body is ready. All it does is teach them shame over something they have no control over.

My DS uses the underjams and is almost 6 and we are getting a few dry nights now. He is getting over his fear of going to the bathroom IF he does wake up. However he is a sound sleeper. We live on a route with emergency vehicles and he doesn't wake even when our fire alarm went off. As a baby we could remake his bed putting him on the floor if he peed through his diaper and he wouldn't wake.

I would just be patient and accept that when his body is ready he will learn. Do some research as it is VERY common among boys. My friend was freaked out about it for years with her DS and I think the drama and shame made it FAR worse for everyone.
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