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How to inform our son about the divorce of his parents?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:29 pm
by emclarks
I am in a confusing situation right now. I am divorcing from my husband. There was a little trouble between us about it at first, but now we both understood the difficulties if we continue our marriage and already to make the proceedings. The problem right now is not about us, but our son. He is just 5 years old, but still he should know about why won't see his parents together again, right? So far we tried a lot trying to hide the indifference's between us from him and successfully I hope. We are concerned about how he will react when he realize that he don't see both of us together often again. We are happy to have a joint custody of him because he loves both of us, but still I am concerned about him and how the news will affect him. I would really like some advice here.