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Sleep Deprivation

PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:38 pm
by Westcoastsleep
I always thought I was a crappy sleeper -- so when everyone warned me about how tired I would be when my baby came, I kind of shrugged it off. The first few weeks after I welcomed my daughter I was on such an emotional high, I didn't care to sleep even when I had the chance! Then that faded... and sleep deprivation kicked in. And after a few months, chronic sleep deprivation. My mental and physical health was deteriorating, I didn't feel like I was enjoying my baby the way I should be and my relationship was falling apart. So I did something about it!

Sleep is essential. It is not a luxury -- it is a necessity! And not only is it important for Mom & Dad -- it is SO important for growing, developing babies and children.

West Coast Sleep Consulting is made up of 2 local West Coast (Victoria, BC) Mommies that have experienced sleep deprivation to the extreme. After using the Sleep Sense program on our babies, they both sleep soundly through the night, and so do we! This positive change in our babies', as well as our own mental health and happiness, was inspiration to support other parents through this process.

If your little one is struggling in the sleep department -- taking a long time to fall asleep, multiple night wakings, short naps, not wanting to sleep in the crib -- we are here to help! Using proven strategies, we will develop a gentle sleep plan that is customized to your little one and within your comfort level. We will be there to support you every step of the way and will not leave you until you have reached your sleep goal!

If you are struggling, reach out and ask us about our services. You do not have to be local -- we work Canada-wide (so thankful for technology!) :-D

Kelsey LeClair, BSW, RSW
Certified Sleep Consultant