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Interested in setting up a social group for teenage Aspies

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Interested in setting up a social group for teenage Aspies

Postby Dadfortwo on Sat May 14, 2016 8:40 am

My 15 year old daughter is diagnosed with Aspergers/ HFASD.
She would like to meet other kids like her, e.g. very bright and inquisitive, but with issues with social anxiety.
I am envisaging this as a teen lead activity with some logistical parental support.
My daughter attends a summer camp on the mainland (Eureka Outdoor Camp) for kids with "invisible disabilities" which I would highly recommend, despite the logistical challenges with pick up and drop off in Vancouver. She has met several kids there that she feels "get" her completely, which she found very exciting and rewarding. She also read about a school in the UK for aspie girls and is very sad we don't have anything like that here.
Any interest/ideas/feedback on this idea welcomed.
We are particularly hoping to find other kids functioning at her level, making plans for college etc.
BTW I just heard that UVIC apparently has a good ASD support system and am also interested in hearing about experiences folks have had there.
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