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You guessed it, this is a forum all about books. What you're reading now, which ones you like, which ones you don't, and anything else to do with books.

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Legal Stuff

Postby KIV admin on Wed Jan 26, 2005 7:54 pm


Kids In Victoria's discussion forums consist of information provided by third parties. Consequently, Kids In Victoria Online Inc. - (KIV) accepts no liability in respect to the accuracy or truthfulness of any advice, information or data posted. Nor do we accept any responsibility for the consequences of a member acting in reliance of such information.

KIV does not endorse the opinions expressed by its members on its discussion forums, or anywhere on the site where members can add their own content.

KIV has no obligation to monitor these forums. KIV reserves the right at all times to edit, refuse to post or remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, that in KIV's sole discretion are objectionable or in violation of our Terms of Use.

KIV cannot guarantee the prompt editing or removal of any content. KIV is not liable for the content of any material accessed via the site, any adverse treatment of any information placed by a member anywhere on the site, or any loss or damage a member may suffer as a result.

KIV reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove material from the forums and member content areas at any time.

KIV may disclose member information to government authorities at their discretion or when required by law. KIV may also disclose member information when they have reason to believe someone intends to or is causing injury to, or interference with its rights or property, other forum members, or anyone else that could be harmed by such activities.

By registering with KIV, you agree to indemnify KIV, its employees, representatives, and agents, and hold them harmless from any and all claims (including claims for legal fees) which may arise from your participation on the forums.

By using KIV, you understand and agree that KIV provides a service through which people may buy and sell goods to one another, and that KIV is in no way involved in any transactions that take place as a result of the use of this service. KIV will not moderate sales or purchases, and will not become involved in any way to settle disputes between buyers and/or sellers. Transactions that occur as a result of the use of the site are the sole responsibility of the parties involved, and in no way imply any involvement of KIV and/or its employees. KIV moderators/employees may at times become involved in communications between users of the site, but this in no way implies accountability on the side of KIV, legal or otherwise.

In addition you grant KIV, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display any message or content posted on the site and/or within email sent by you to KIV in whole or in part.
Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to negligence, shall KIV be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the forums.
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