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Postby Desparatehubby on Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:23 am

Ok, before I get roasted, I'm a in my mid 40s guy with 2 girls and I am married to a gal I absolutely adore. That said she has completely turned off the taps when it comes to intimacy. She is struggling with depression (and is seeking treatment) , but it means I get very little! I do a ton arround the house, take care of our girls, and yet it seems it's not enough to allow her to put out (sorry, I don't know how to otherwise ask). When we first met, she was very outgoing, sexual, and very into me. Now she says she loves me but is pretty much void of any physical attention. Spends more time online. She says she feels lonely but doesn't reach out or connect with me. I want to give her so much. But now I too am suffering because she is dealing with things. I've tried to talk to her, but the discussion more often turns into an argument about what I don't do rather than what I do do. All I want to do is to please her. I have needs that aren't being met. What to do?
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Re: No

Postby Vanislevic on Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:50 pm

Sorry to hear about your situation mate. It’s a sad situation but
you are not alone. Sexless marriages are very common. Why do you think Ashley Maddison and all the other sites are doing so well. Or just head over to your local Craiglist and you can see all the unhappy married people looking to hook up because their sex lives have hit rock bottom.

It looks like it’s been a year since you posted this. I hope all is better now.

Below are some links to articles about sexless relationships and there are plenty more of them on the web. ... 57996.html ... rs-respond
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