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The downside to Groupon (article)

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Re: The downside to Groupon (article)

Postby myboy on Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:10 pm

I know of a spa that did the groupon and after giving half to groupon and then paying their employee their commision they actually lost money. From what I have heard mostly is just as the previous poster said, they jump from groupon to groupon looking for a deal. A friend of mine uses groupon but she says she normally wouldn't go in and probably wouldn't again, unless they had another deal. Word of mouth and good old normal advertising does the trick.
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Re: The downside to Groupon (article)

Postby midnightly on Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:42 am

i find there are all sorts of consumers in this world.. there are those who look for a deal, and there are those are very loyal to one place no matter the cost, there are those who will only shop locally, there are those who will shop where ever it's convenient, there are those who use coupons and those who can't be bothered

what i see with groupon is they might get alot of people in the door, some will be new customers, some will be old.. from those people not all will come back again but i'm sure atleast 5-10% will come back and try it again, you will also have those who will do more then the coupon minimum (if the groupon is for a $$ amount a fair few will spend more than that $$ amount), plus add onto that word of mouth... if someone had a positive experience at spa, dentist, yoga studio they will remember and when someone asks them to recommend a place to get this service done they will suggest the place they went to (hey how many of us have posted asking for a great fish and chips place? or an experience with a yoga studio/gym?)

i personally haven't bought a groupon yet, i've debated on occasion but just couldn't warrant it for my needs but not not against buying one if i THINK we would use it
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