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Siting a Sewage Treatment Plant at Clover Point is a Bad Ide

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Siting a Sewage Treatment Plant at Clover Point is a Bad Ide

Postby VicStepmom on Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:08 pm

Dear KIV Community - there is an urgent need to stand up to a bad plan that has blind-sided Victoria, the plan to site a sewage treatment plant at Clover Point Park.

Our family lives near the park and our family intends on remaining here, raising our two young children, currently aged 3 and 5. We love our neighbourhood – and feel lucky to live in an area that is close to good schools and where we work. We love walking along the beach – and flying kites at Clover Point. We love watching the start of the Swiftsure, the TC10K and strolling up Moss Street during the Paint-In. We love that we know our neighbours and that they know us and have watched our children grow.

We understood that with the requirement to treat Victoria’s sewage that improvements to the existing pump house at Clover Point would be needed. However, imagine our shock to discover that rather than an enhanced pumping station, that Clover Point would be proposed as the site for the primary sewage treatment plant in the region. A project that will destroy much of what we know and love about our neighbourhood for an extended period of time (3 years plus of construction), and then will leave our home less than 100 yards away from a potentially hazardous facility. A facility that will have a footprint more than 10 times the size of the existing pump house. A facility that will produce methane gases and may put the health and safety of nearby residents at risk. A facility that is expected to meet Victoria’s sewage treatment needs for less than 20 years once built. A facility that is expected to cost significantly more than alternative facilities located elsewhere in the region.

Is it reasonable to expect that a park can safely be located atop such a facility? Is it reasonable to expect that such a facility will not impact the value of nearby properties? Is it reasonable to expect that such a facility, located so near residences – will not impact the ability of those residents to secure insurance for their properties at a reasonable cost? Is it reasonable to expect that the existence of such a facility will not impact the neighbourhood adversely?

There is a real risk that Clover Point, and the things that make this neighbourhood one of the most livable in the region will be sacrificed for a project that is expected to have a negligible impact on the local marine environment. Imagine Victoria without the Kite Festival, imagine if the ocean front drive/cycle/run enjoyed by so many now became unenjoyable due to either odour or risk posed by such a facility. Imagine if the Paint-In could no longer happen on Moss Street. Imagine if the TC10K could not use this portion of the route. Imagine the human toll of an industrial accident happening in a busy park in the heart of a residential neighbourhood.

I appreciate that nobody wants this project in their backyard. But this project is in my front yard, less than 100 yards away from my home. The home I expected to raise my kids in, the home I expected to grow old in. There are good reasons why these facilities are not located underground and within 200 to 300 yards of residential homes anywhere in North America. Why are we expecting residents of Fairfield to take these risks? Why is the CRD willing to gamble with one of Victoria’s greatest assets?

As such, I'd like to ask the KIV community to support those in opposition to this plan and help to ensure that Clover Point is preserved. I'm asking KIV'ers sign the petition that has been started: ... point-park

Please help send the message that this is an inappropriate and unacceptable plan.

Thank you in advance.
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